Moving to a new country and a new school sometimes can be overwhelming for families. Our goal at Prem is that each family feels welcome and has a sense of belonging within our community. Each of us brings very unique cultural, professional, and life experiences that enrich our lives.

This morning we had over 70 parents come together to meet and greet over coffee and tea. What a wonderful opportunity to meet new parents, get to know the grade and cultural ambassadors supporting each class, learn a bit more about Prem’s Senior Leadership Team and gather to celebrate our community. It is wonderful to be able to gather again!

The Parent School Community (PSC) shared the following information:

  • The first PSC meeting of this year will be Monday, September 12th. There will be a Question and Answer time and questions already sent in advance will be answered then.
  • All PSC meetings after September will be held on the first Tuesday of each month
  • All school community brunch will be on September 18 at the Shangri La Hotel. Details to follow.

Thank you for choosing Prem as your and your children’s second family! We can’t wait to see you again at the PSC meeting on Monday, Sep 12, 2022!

Sandra Thompson
Communications and Community Outreach

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