Coding in the Junior School

This week many of our students in the Junior School have been participating in the Hour of Code. 

Grade 1 and Grade 5 students teamed up on Wednesday to do the Hour of Code together. Although many of the student had already completed the coding activities beforehand, it was amazing to see the students working together to solve the problems in different ways. Ajarn Paddy and Ajarn James were suitably impressed at how well their students worked together and focused on the tasks.  There was a great buzz of teamwork and coopertion in the room and in many cases the younger students were able to teach the older students some new ways of solving code problems.  

Tens of millions of students around the world have completed the Hour of Code which is an introductory course to computer science.  It can be done by adults as well as children so if you're interested in learning a little bit about code then please click here.

Our senior school students will be participating in the Hour of Code activities next week.

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