Climbing wall at Traidhos

This week the Visiting Schools Program ran the first sessions on the climbing wall at Traidhos. International School Yangon students kept us busy with six groups of students enjoying a session all in the space of three days. Not only were they able to practice their climbing technique but also their belaying, under the watchful eye of the VSP staff, who became certified climbing wall instructors last year.

The wall is set up so that three people can climb at any one time, each needing a team of at least three to belay. Most of the students were able to conquer at least the easiest of the three sections but the formidable overhang was too much for all but two of the brave souls who attempted it.

The construction of the climbing wall was overseen by VSP Senior Staff Adam Peacock, who has been working at Traidhos for over five years and was also the brains behind the well-used Low Ropes course.

Adam demonstrates how to overcome the overhang

IS Yangon students help each other up the wall

Even with only two climbers on the wall, everybody is involved in the activity


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