Clean for Green Walk

This Saturday 11 November 2017, all boarders from Grade 3-10 participated in a ‘Clean for Green’ clean up walk at Mae Rim, off the 1096 road, near the Four Seasons Hotel. The objective of this activity was to clean the designated area and also raise awareness about littering.
Most boarders brought their own water bottles and hats and they were encouraged to apply some sunscreen as well. They left Boarding around 9:40 am and started seriously clean up along the road from 10:00-12:00.

Even though it was hot, the Boarders were very engaged in the cleaning up process. At the end of the cleanup, they had picked up a full truck-load of trash!

And here are the before and after photos, you can see how well did our boarder’s did~!

Thanks to all the boarders who joined the ‘Clean for Green’ walk! Special thanks goes to the students who organized clean up walk (Betty, Koh, Mike, Norito, Seb, Shelav, Sherab) and teachers Ajarn Gill, Ajarn Rebekah, Ajarn Sarah, and Ajarn Steve. All the photo credits goes to Koh.

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