Class B Blogs Together!

Today is the last day of term one. The group B have been working hard on learning about blogs and how to make a blog post. To compliment our learning, students were given a chance to write a blog post as a group, including images and ideas of their own.

Learning how to blog; students have a first hand look at the IEP blogger’s admin page.

Class B put their ideas down on paper first, before inserting into a blog post.

Students search for images to accompany their ideas for the blog.

The theme for the blog post was ‘what did you enjoy learning most in term one?’; ‘what do you like most about IEP?’; and ‘what are your GOALS for term two?’
Grace writes: “I like yoga because we can have exercise! I want to improve about writing English. English and math and sustainability are the most enjoyable.”

Practice yoga! -Grace

Leo says “I enjoy learning most about the planets. I like playing games in the IEP and my GOALS for term two are learning about muscle cars!”

I like muscle cars! -Leo

Vivian had a lot to say: “I enjoy learning in Core English Class because it is so fun, and we can practice English in this class too. What I like most about IEP is the IEP is very fun, we can play lots of learning games here. My GOALS are I hope I can work hard on my spelling in term two.”

IEP is HAPPY! -Vivian (The Happy Tunnel)

Rick writes “I most enjoy learning PE and math class because it can make me happy. I want to improve my golf in term two. PE is my favourite subject!”

Kitty likes “all classes in the IEP because they are all fun. I think I must do better in listening and reading for term two. I like my friends in the IEP.:”

Non write “I enjoy learning English and art, in the IEP we have a lot of fun everyday. My GOAL is to pass the WIDA test and improve my spelling.”

A beautiful art work! -Non

Sarah “enjoys every class in the IEP, but I like Core English class and outside of the classroom best, because I can learn much English through games. I want to improve my speaking and reading, I hope I can go to the mainstream school next term.:”

This is our beautiful school! -Sarah

Nana writes “I like to learn in Core English class because I like learning about the planets. I like IEP because we get to play Kahoots on the computer. My GOAL for term two is to improve my spelling in English.”
AnAn says “What I enjoy learning most  is Core English, because we are not just learning, we have a lot of fun in Core English! My GOAL for term two is improve my writing and spelling, and pass the WIDA test! What I like most about the IEP is my teacher A. Casey, he is a great teacher and A. Jun, A. Sintra,, A. Clyde and A. Sam; thank you for teaching me!”

It was a real pleasure teaching the class B in term one; you all deserve a break! Have fun, remember to practice your English, and I look forward to teaching you all again in term two.

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