Christmas Decorations’ Fever Hits Prem Boarding

This past week has been abuzz with pizzazz with the Christmas decoration showdown among all the boarding clusters.

The students in cluster 10 took center stage by making sure they were the first to select and set up their tree. Lovely and bubbly Annie A. was quoted saying “Hey, you guys in cluster 11 are taking all the cool stuff. We need some for our cluster too!” The Ajarns from cluster 10 had a lot of fun decorating the tree with the students too.

The fun and excitement were not only for the juniors, the older students were also inspired by the merry jolly spirit of the community and sharing that Christmas spreads and they added their touch to the setup.

In cluster 11, Ajarns Tshering, Penthai and Ersong lead by example in dressing the tree and wrapping up the presents. Junior boys, Henry, Nicolas and Elvis chipped in towards getting the cluster 11 tree ready with trinkets and glitter.

In cluster 12, it was an all ladies affair and Ajarns Kat and Qi led the girls immaculately in the process of getting their tree well decorated and set up. To say that Christmas is in the air would be an understatement! Santa Claus is most certainly coming to Prem boarding.All this sets up well for the forthcoming Boarding Christmas Party where every member of the boarding community will receive a surprise present from their “Secret Santa.”

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed … fa la la la la la!

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