Children's Asian Foundation: delivery of Prem Boarder's donation

Children’s Asian Foundation has 25 kids aged 1 to 18 years old and It’s a shelter house located in Mae Taeng, not very far from Prem.

Visiting the Foundation was a gift. During our visit there we forgot the world outside!

When we arrived there they had prepared a few dances and a singing performance for us. We were so impressed because the kids told A.Julia that they had practiced for only two days for the performances. We could see how focused they were to do their best. It was very touching.
Some of the kids were really excited about practicing their English with us, they were asking us questions and some of the little ones were staring at us, just smiling. Not saying a word, but their eyes had so much to say. You can tell by the pictures!
The make-up and choreography were made by two of the older girls who live there and It was beautiful and well done. The kids just wanted to seize that moment, and they really enjoyed the donation they received from Prem boarding bites.
We staff were so happy and thankful for being there, for watching them to perform. Their smiles are so genuine and motivating. It made our week!
A.Dani, A.Julia, A.Francia, A.Krisha and A.Linda

Danielle Oliveira

Boarding Learning Mentor

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