Chicken Eggs

We waited until today for the one last egg that was left to hatch. It had started to pip on Tuesday, but after two full days of no progress, it was time to take the egg out of the incubator. This afternoon we cracked the shell to see what was happening inside. We found that the chick was fully formed and was just about to come out. This showed the children that the chick was ‘growing’ inside the shell. It also helped them understand that not all eggs hatch.

We talked about how, when things die, some people bury them in the ground. That is what we did with the chick burying it in our class garden. This was a great chance for students to experience life cycles in action. We look forward to trying to hatch more eggs in the future. Be sure to talk to your child about the experience to see what he/she got from it as well as if he/she has any questions.

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