Chiangmai Ginastera International Music Festival and Competition

The Chiangmai Ginastera International Music Festival and Competition took place between November 11-17, in which audience members were treated to several performances of competing young musicians, as well as professionals who were flown in to perform and adjudicate.

Jiayu and Langrun both made it past the initial audition and live first round to eventually each earn a Bronze in their respective categories. Langrun performed “Vaga luna” by Bellini and “Think of me” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Langrun performed “Sonatina and Novelette” and “A little prank”, both by Kabelevsky, and “Rondo” by Ginastera.

The competition attracts highly skilled musicians from across the city, country, and abroad, so we are very pleased and proud of both our Prem musicians to have made it so far. Competing at this level and to perform in front of unfamiliar audiences and for internationally renowned judges requires great risk-taking.

This competition and festival is an annual event and we hope to see more of our talented students performing next year.

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