Change Agents for Sustainability

Always wanting to improve our practices Kate O’Connell, Grade 2 teacher, and I attended a Master Class for Sustainability where tools and skills for leading change were presented by AtKisson Group experts Alan AtKisson, Axel Klimek, and Robert Steele at the SASIN Center.  

We learnt more about the skills and tools required for leading change in organizations and communities towards the sustainability condition that we all wish to see manifest during our lives and for our children. The tools are practical in all aspects of life and work, and have been adopted by a number of large corporations, cities, universities and schools around the world who share similar interest to improve our overall quality of life and human wellbeing, through the restoration of nature and innovative thinking and systemic actions in business and government.

Prem uses the Sustainability Compass which was first developed in the late 1990s by Alan AtKisson, founder of the AtKisson Group, as a contribution to an international research program on sustainability indicators (AtKisson, 2008).  AtKisson’s framework grew from a platform for indicator development for communities, into a general sustainability framework with several different applications, which eventually included Compass Schools. Prem is proud to be the first of many Compass Schools around the world and is constantly working towards integrating sustainability into school planning, curricula, lesson planning, teaching and learning and even school infrastructure and maintenance.

Kate and I brought many new ideas back to Prem to continue our drive to create Change Agents for Sustainability. Over the years we have trained 17 teachers as change agents. Our Grade 5 students are currently exhibiting their ‘Visions of Sustainability’ Exhibition to the school community as change agents, as did our Grade 5 students last year. Next year we will introduce an annual program to train our Grade 10 students as Change Agents for Sustainability and of course sustainability concepts are linked to our curriculum across the school. We are committed to bringing about the change required to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits and to continually look for sustainable answers.

Maxine Driscoll
Head of School

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