Celebrating Student Success both On and Off Campus

At Prem, we aim to develop the whole child, not just his or her academic abilities. Thus we like to celebrate our students’ successes outside school too, and often hear about their achievements in activities as diverse as ballet and robot building. We usually announce these accomplishments in our Senior School assemblies, though we are sure that there are many more successes that we are not aware of. Parents, students and community members: please do let us know of any achievements we can share. Below is a short article written by Oki, revealing a little more about his overseas experience in Qatar this month.

Robot Competition In Qatar by Nathapat (Oki) Mek-urai (Grade 7)

This month my team qualified in Thailand’s national competition as one of the four teams to go to a robot competition in Qatar called WRO 2015. In this competition, we used LEGO Mindstorms EV3 to build a robot and program, according to the mission the host country gave us. This year the host country was Qatar and the mission was called ‘Pearl Diving’. It was a really good experience and a really fun competition. There were so many competitors and most of them were very good.

Each year, they have a surprise rule, which makes the competition really challenging.The surprise rule was pretty hard because our robot wasn’t suitable for it, and there were only three or four teams who had a robot designed to match the surprise rule. The top score we got was 85/100 and this made us come in second place in our first round so we were able to compete in the second day when there were only sixteen finalists out of the seventy-four teams. In the final round, the teams that didn't have a robot suitable for the surprise rule, tried to compete with each other in speed. Malaysia’s robot was really fast and completed the whole mission in just ten seconds, while our team used up twenty-four seconds, which earned us ninth place.

Inside the Al Shaqab Equestrian stadium 

Another thing I liked about the competition was the stadium, it was really humongous, and looked really cool. The stadium was called Al Shaqab Equestrian stadium.  It was actually a stadium for horse racing but they adapted it so it looked really nice. The host country took care of the competitors and the audience really well, and I had a really great experience.

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