Celebrating our Students at Prem!

This week on our Social Media we have been celebrating our students here at Prem. Here are a couple of amazing students that were nominated by their teachers! Well done to Seven and Beeya!

I would like to celebrate my student Seven for being the most diligent learner. Seven puts a lot of effort and thought into any task or challenge given to her. She is very knowledgeable and always so eager to learn something new. Her positive attitude towards learning is impressive! – Ajarn Mayada

Student Celebration!! Beeya joined the Intensive English Programme last academic year and has made significant progress in a short amount of time due to her diligence and motivation to learn English. She is a role model for other students within the IEP and demonstrates the success that can be achieved by any English as an Additional Language learner!

Beeya is a positive member of the Prem school community and we are so proud of her successful transition to the Middle Years Programme.
Well done, Beeya! – Ajarn Cara
We want to give a big shout out to Emma, a grade 3 student who has been undertaking a typing course in her own time in order to enhance her writing skills. She shows great enthusiasm and dedication when practising her touch-typing techniques.
I am really impressed with her resilience and commitment as she rapidly progresses with her speed and accuracy.
Bravo Emma! – Ajarn Agnes
We will continue to do ‘Student Shout Out’ features so if you are a teacher, parent or student who would like to nominate a student please email me: janew@ptis.ac.th.
Jane Waterman
Admissions & Marketing

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