Celebrating cuisine and culture in IEP


“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard


In Unit 1, Core English A students have investigated the question: where does food come from? They have looked at how and what people eat, how culture influences our eating habits and ‘farm to fork’ philosophy. In order to develop students’ skills in English, they have been learning about procedural writing; namely how to read, write and follow instructions from a recipe.

To celebrate the end of the unit, we invited parents and grandparents to join us at the Traidhos Cooking Academy, where Chef Yuqi and Chef Cici took centre stage and followed a recipe from start to finish. Chef Yuqi made an omelette with chopped tomatoes and spring onion, whilst Chef Cici created a pork baguette. Both students demonstrated the IB Learner Profile attribute of a ‘risk taker’ and I commend them on their outstanding attitude to learning in the Intensive English Programme.

A big thank you to Khun Nae and the staff at the Traidhos Cooking Academy for facilitating this opportunity.

Ajarn Cara

Curriculum Coordinator

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