Celebrating Chinese New Year

In 2018, Chinese New Year eve, the most important day for all Chinese families, lands on 15th February. In Junior School Mandarin classes, we experienced this culture and celebrated it in many different ways this week.
We made Chinese lanterns with blessing words from dozens of red envelopes.

We held competitive chopstick competitions. Our champion record is picking up and dropping 44 marble balls in 3 minutes!

We watched and made the story of monster NIAN 《年的故事》.

We made Chinese firecracker crafts 鞭炮手工 and sang Happy New Year Song 《新年好》 in Mandarin
We made pork-and-cabbage, Chinese-chive-and-egg dumplings together~! And some of the friends even took some dumplings home for their families!

Wish all the friends and families a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful, energetic and extremely happy, HAPPY NEW YEAR of DOG!

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