CAS Summary - Xiu

For my G11 CAS activities, I chose a drama activity in the area of creativity. I first started with acting and then I worked as a dancing assistant and stage manager. I found myself really enjoying working with different people, from teachers to junior students. Besides that, I also learned a lot.

For my actions, I mainly focused on archery and basketball. During the training, I increased my skills and also learned a lot of vocabulary, which, as a second language English speaker, is really helpful.

One of the proudest things I did during my CAS journey was my tutoring. I tutored two boys and also we became good friends. Actually, it went so well that a Chinese teacher even came to talk to me about having another English tutoring session with more kids once a week.

My project was called Village School Support Fund (VSSF). The greatest challenge for me was to learn how to work with different people. I found there was a lot of fun and responsibility in my project and I look forward to working as a team with others.

Grade 12 CAS Summary

During my G12 CAS activities, I increased my awareness of my own areas for growth such as better acting skills in drama, better dribbling in basketball, higher accuracy in archery, more familiarity with teaching skills in tutoring and more organisation in leading VSSF.

Handing over the leadership position in VSSF became my biggest challenge. Working collaboratively with other people was always the greatest pleasure as I met new teammates and developed better collaborative skills with them.

Generally, I really showed persistence and commitment in my activities throughout my CAS journey. Two years of participating in different activities has broadened my experiences and helped me to develop new skills.


Thank you, Xiu! Tune in next week for our next Grade 12 CAS student profile!

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