CAS Pride!

In this space, we will showcase students who display the true essence of CAS – bettering themselves and their community by getting involved, developing skills and having fun.

Our first student showcase is Ugen, our Student Council President.

I had a great CAS experience over the past year that helped me learn more about my interests and what I potentially want to pursue as a career. It is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the IB and a form of escapism whether through art, creativity, or action.

Some of the most fulfilling activities were ones that initially felt intimidating. The ‘Agora’ magazine project I worked on with Crawford was definitely a challenge. It seemed a monumental task lay ahead of us, and we did not know how to begin or which steps to take. We asked for a lot of help along the way and our supervisor was crucial in the confidence we built in ourselves. Admittedly, there was a lot of pressure especially leading up to the deadline, but even in that, we learnt to persevere.

The Painting Club activity was another challenge because we were in the position of the teacher. It was a fulfilling activity that gave me an insight into the process of planning and the leadership and creativity required in teaching. The reflection process helped a lot in this way because it was a method, which allowed me to recognize my shortcomings and how I could improve on individual skills. 

This year, I hope to continue challenging myself, acquire new skills and explore my interests.

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