CAS Pride! - Thomas

In this space, we will showcase students who display the true essence of CAS – bettering themselves and their community by getting involved, developing skills and having fun.

This week’s student showcase is Thomas.

Students only tend to see the CAS experience as a requirement to graduate but it is really an opportunity to take part in various experiences. It encourages students to get out more and to look up from their devices. Personally, I have taken part in a large range of experiences so far, activities such as Cartoon Drawing Club, Floor Hockey, Fitness room supervisor, Recycling@Prem, and a self-lead T-shirt print activity for charity.

I have taken part in experiences that I would never have initially found interesting such as the Audio Visual Group (AVG). However, after taking an interest in this experience, I found myself signing up every term for the next 2 years. During those years I have taken part in a variety school events such as the school drama and musical productions.

My actual interests lie in drawings, paintings and other forms of art related medias. Therefore, I am currently using my enthusiasm for digital drawing as a creative element for one of my CAS experiences. This is particularly useful because it shows that I am taking an initiative to develop my skills.

In the end, if you invest your time and effort I guarantee that the experience will be enjoyable.


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