CAS Pride! - Simon

In this space, we will showcase students who display the true essence of CAS – bettering themselves and their community by getting involved, developing skills and having fun.

This week’s student showcase is Simon.

At the start of Semester 2 in the 2015-2016 academic year I started the Debate Club. I did this because of my passion for debating and because of the lack of activities associated with this skill at Prem. What originally started out as a short-term CAS project has now been consistently running on Wednesdays since then. I hope for this to continue after I graduate as leadership will be taken over by volunteers. I run this activity for two CAS strands: Creativity and Service. It is creative because I am the one that decides the topics and offers participants insights on them to enhance the Debate. It is service because I am running this activity for students in Grades 10 to 12.

In the activity, students are allocated to sides at random on political, social, economic and moral issues. Our most recent discussion was based on the following question: “Which is more important, environmental or economic prosperity?”. The chairing of the Debates now rotates with every new topic so that participants are able to see two sides of an issue and allocate points according to proper argumentation.

The highlight of Debate Club last year was the participation of some members in a CMAC (Chiang Mai Wide) Debate Competition hosted by Grace International School. The Debates were on contemporary topics such as integration and access to education. All Debates were held in the Canadian National Debating Format which requires up to 15 minutes of speaking for each side! While none of the participants were able to win any prizes they fared very well. It was a great application of the skills we learned in the activity and I hope that we will be able to do something similar this year.


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