Camp Week and Key Concept Collide!

Grade 6 English Language A students are currently exploring the key concept that “Opportunities for personal growth often come from big changes”. They have looked at this in novels they have read, noting that new experiences and meeting new people, change the protagonist in many ways.

After returning from camp week, they wrote a personal response to this concept, considering how the new experience of a week-long camp offered them learning experiences and may have helped them to grow. Please read Gabe’s thoughtful response, printed below.

Enjoying outdoor cooking with a mixed friendship group

I enjoyed camp week a lot. I learned a lot from it too. It helped me to be more considerate of others and to challenge myself. I also got a chance to have new experiences and to meet new people.

One new experience was staying away from my family. I was not used to being alone with only teachers and friends. At first I felt a bit homesick, but soon I got used to it. This experience has helped me get a bit used to not getting to be with my parents all the time.

Another new experience was the homestay. I liked it a lot. It helped me to be more considerate of others, for example I couldn’t be as noisy as I normally am in the mornings. Also I

got the experience to meet new people at the homestay. My homestay family was very nice but I had a hard time speaking to them because we didn’t speak the same language. My friend Burton translated for me but it was still sort of hard to communicate.

I challenged myself to eat the homestay food too. It was very good, but one dish I didn’t like very much was already on my plate. I ate it even though I didn’t like it.

I also met new people. I met new teachers and students. I liked the teachers and I got along well with them. I met two IEP students, one I didn’t see at the camp often so I didn’t really get to know him. The other is named Tarn, and he was fun to be with. This has helped me to cope with others.

I had a great time at camp. I want to go again next year. It was a great learning experience for me.

Gabriel Thorup 
Grade 6

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