Camp Games Fun

This week IEP Tigers and Lions went out to join some new and fun Camp Game with A. Cash and A. Eve from Traidhos Camp. They have created brand new and cool activities for IEP students. This time they had some charade games to guess out the names of superheroes, movies or cartoon characters. Some new IEP students like Rita, Ann H and Helen have shown plenty of interests of doing it. The Lions really the acting and showing process.

On the other hand, Tigers had a cool activity of “Blind-folded Navigation”. It was such a cool teamplay¬†sport that got everyone really engaged. They competed with each other’s groups by using English and the “code language” they made to lead their own blind-folded teammate to go across the obstacles and put the balls into buckets to win. Everyone in the team was so eager to give it a try. The passion and interests they put in let them practice speaking English so well.
Thank you, A. Eve and A. Cash for bringing these great activities for IEP.


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