Prem Cafeteria


Prem’s main dining hall, offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks throughout each school day.

Food Philosophy

Chef Dang has been working as the Head Chef at Prem, since the school opened in 2001. Before that, he was working in Hat Yai. He moved to Chiang Mai to open a Thai restaurant. In 2006. Chef Dang went to France to compete in a cooking competition, in which he was placed third.

Chef Dang’s philosophy and passion is to promote nutritious and healthy eating for the students at Prem. Therefore, he prefers to either bake or grill the freshest of food, which is served at the cafeteria. The cafeteria serves international food, a mix of various cuisines to suit different palettes. For example, a student can choose to have a large burrito with a generous amount of filling, or select rice or noodles from the Asian corner. Chef Dang says he does understand students also like to eat fried food and once in a while he does offer this at the cafeteria.

The kitchen keeps seasoning simple by flavouring the food with salt, pepper and Asian condiments for Asian food. The cafeteria does not use MSG, but does use aroma to flavour sauces. Furthermore, we use high quality olive oil in salad dressings and in the preparation of Western dishes, while for cooking Asian dishes we use soybean oil, and never palm oil.

Chef Dang
Head Chef at Prem

Catering and Cafeteria Info

Only Fresh Seasonal Local Produce

The cafeteria only uses fresh seasonal local produce from Mom Tri’s Farm, the Royal Project and Thanasin farm. These are delivered to the kitchen every second day, to ensure quality and freshness. While for meats, Chef Dang sources pork fresh from a company called ‘Betagro’, chicken from a farm based in Northern Thailand called ‘Saha-Farm’ and beef is sourced from a company called ‘Puepae seafood’. While Chef Dang does not cook with seafood regularly, he imports these, frozen, from ‘Puepae Seafood’. Meats and seafoods are delivered to the cafeteria on a daily basis.

High Quality Food Suppliers

The essential ingredients for baking are sourced from a food importer called ‘Schmidts’, which has a branch in Mae Rim. Schmidt provides a variety of ready mixed flour, with gluten free options, for a variety of bread and muffins. In addition, certain types of bread are also purchased from ‘Rimping supermarket’. Spices are purchased from a supplier called ‘Boonjaroen’ based in Chiang Mai. Dairy, sausages, and ham are sourced from a supplier called ‘Sea international’.

Focus on Hygiene and Quality

With Chef Dang’s leadership, the staff is strongly focused on hygiene and quality within the cafeteria. Every year the staff attends conferences in Phuket about the latest in food hygiene. In addition, companies, such as leading hotels in Thailand, are invited to Prem to further train the staff in food hygiene and quality control. The Steward receives specialised training in catering every year, to keep up to date with the latest in food preparation and hygiene.

Example weekly menus

Menu Rotation

The menu rotates regularly and is updated for variety. Students, teachers and staff eat together in the dining hall. Prem’s staff work to ensure students eat a healthy diet. Early Years and Grade 1 eat in the Junior School ‘family style’ with their teachers.

Healthy Eating

All meals and snacks are prepared freshly each day in accordance with our healthy eating policy. The menu provides select Thai and Western dishes with vegetarian options. The Junior School menu is developed in collaboration with Early Years teachers.

Seasonal Local Produce

Our chefs only use fresh seasonal local produce from Mom Tri’s Farm, the Royal Project and Thanasin farm for cooking in the cafeteria. These are delivered to the kitchen every second day, to ensure quality and freshness.