Busy bees in Grade 2

Our friends in Gr 2 have had a busy week this week sharing their learning with the Junior School and their parents. 

“Do you know how much sugar is in a can of drink?” “Do you know what happens to your body when you have too much sugar?” “How can you make good choices now you have this information?” “Have you ever wondered about the different geographic features of the different parts of the world?” “Do you know how to find this out?”

These are just some questions Gr 2 challenged us with this week as they presented their inquiries. Throughout this semester they have worked hard, co-operated with one another and built their understanding of many different concepts. We are very proud of how well you were able to communicate with a range of audiences and with such confidence!

Great job building your research and communication skills Gr 2!  Thank you for sharing your inquiries and knowledge with us all!

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