Building meaningful relationships on Grade 3 Camp

They were risk takers! They were inquirers! They were caring! 

Grade 3 participated in their first school camp and what a brilliant success it was.

Grade 3 camped out in tents here at school and participated in a range of adventurous activities on campus.

Many important life skills are learnt on camp. From setting up a tent and organising your belongings (without your parents helping you!) to learning to co-operate with others in a different environment.  Beautiful memories are made of the adventures that happen only on camp that weave together to help our students build meaningful relationships

As part of the many activities the children participated in, the Gr 3 students also had the opportunity to visit the observatory and do some stargazing, a great learning experience as part of their Unit of Inquiry.

A big thank you to our Gr 3 team for organising such a fabulous learning experience for our young campers.

PS Well done to all the very brave Mummies and Daddies who survived their child's first school camp too! More pictures can be found on your Grade 3 blog.

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