Bringing Back The Boarding Lounge

The boarding lounge has always been a place for boarding students to go and relax or watch a movie with friends but it has recently had some exciting changes. Boarding staff were concerned that all students needed access to a common space where they could play and socialise from day to day. Now the boarding lounge has a brand new set of board games to provide them with hours of entertainment. There are drawing, painting, knitting, clay and craft supplies for students to explore their creativity and create masterpieces. There is also a selection of books in the reading corner for some quiet time whereas the foosball table is available for those with a more competitive idea of fun.

Having these activities and opportunities to play will allow students to develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills in ways different from the classroom. The younger students are also learning cooperation and communication skills as they interact with each other. The junior students are particularly enjoying all the lounge has to offer and are excited to get out of their rooms and off their electronics. It has been wonderful to see students benefiting from this space and hopefully, this continues as the boarding lounge is slowly recreated!

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