Bringing awareness to the Intensive English Classroom and BEYOND!

Learning English may be important, but learning how to be sustainable may very well be more important in this day and age.

So English lessons in ‘The Wing’ will have a twist to them from now on, as we see the start of some ‘Sustainability’ classes.

Our focus will be particularly on the facts surrounding ‘Animal Trade.’ This conscienceless activity is tearing the animal world apart, but we hope by making our students aware we can be a small help in at least spreading the word.

With this part of the world undeniably driving animal trade, to be able to educate or ‘enlighten’ our students to what animal trade involves, is vital. Sadly there is undoubtedly a growing loss in the connection between people and nature today and our current global culture of having to have the latest prized possession or gadget feeds this loss.

However, through education we have a chance to help repair this connection, with the hope, that by being more aware and connected, people will be more likely to preserve rather than destroy.

Luckily there are many good people already fighting for this preservation, including Chinese superstar Yao Ming. Having him and other leading Asian figures at the forefront will aid us greatly in educating our IEP students as well as, we hope, the greater public.

This above video is the trailer to Yao Ming’s latest film ‘The End of the Wild.’ With it, Yao is helping to spread the word about the ecological and human costs of the illegal wildlife trade.

In class we will also be looking at what Climate Change is, its implications and the scarcity of natural resources on our Planet. The students will have the chance to become aware of what possible solutions there are out there and will be encouraged and given the opportunity to think critically about these urgent global problems.

Georgina Randle
Intensive English Programme Teacher

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