Brassed off? Got the New Year Blues…? Looking for a new challenge?

The Music Academy has the perfect answer to those New Year Blues!

We are adding brass lessons to the teaching program in the Music Academy, so if you would like the challenge of learning to play the Trumpet, Trombone or French Horn, now is the time to be bold, be strong, and give it a go. Free trial lessons are available. 


The Academy Jazz Band is now auditioning for places in its newly created Jazz Ensemble. To begin with, this is open to SS students who can already play an instrument and have access to their own instrument. Any instrument can play jazz, but ideally we are looking for an ensemble of piano, drums, bass, plus some lead instruments like trumpet, trombone, sax, flute and even violin are all welcome. As with any team, we need a good balance of instruments! 

If you are interested to know more about this opportunity or the new brass lessons, please contact the Music Academy at or, or by telephone at 053-301-500 ext: 6017.


Chris Johnson

Director of Music Academy

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