Book Tasting in the Library

Grade 6 English Language and Literature students began their school day on February 4th, not only with breakfast, but also with a four-course meal in the library.  Ajarn Mel and Ajarn Chrissy played hosts to the café experience and encouraged students to choose from a buffet of over 40 fiction books.  

Once the students chose a book, they read it for ten minutes and then rated and commented on their book using the prompts on the printed placemat in front of them.  In between each book course, they could help themselves to a few light snacks.  

Students ate their way through four books from appetizer to sorbet to main to dessert.  Once done, they chose a book to check out.   

In case students forget some of the titles they liked, a catalog of the selected books is available in the library.

Ajarn Mel and Ajarn Chrissy

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