Boarding Weekend activities

Overcast sky with constant downpour these past few weeks. This may be enough to put some off from outdoor activities. However, our boarding students, especially the younger ones, they are outside and enjoying every minute, playing and cycling around the campus on weekends. 

One of my role in Boarding is to help create weekend activities for the students. It is an opportunity for the students to participate in a variety of activities that is engaging  and fun. Take, for example, the ‘Scavenger Hunt’. Students were given different tasks to do around the campus;  posing in front of the amphitheatre and take two group members playing basketball, to  name a few. Boarding activities also extend to the outside of campus as well. This gives the students a chance to stock up on their favourite snacks and beverages. It also gives the students an opportunity to go to restaurants, to experience different tastes and flavours, and of course to spend more time socialising with their friends.  

This upcoming weekend, 23-25, is a busy one for boarding students. The highlight, which I encourage the students to sign up, is a trip to the brand new ‘Maiim’ art Museum in Sankampaeng. Expect lots of pictures of boarding students in front of innovative, dynamic but slightly quirky displays at the gallery. 

Anond Kongsiri 21 September 2016 19:00PM. 

Illustrations: Hansraj, Kathryn. 11 September 2016. 

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