Boarding take a Trip to Elephant Hills Bush Camp

Last Saturday our Prem boarders were offered the incredible opportunity to travel by bus to Hod for an exclusive private tour of Elephant Hills Bush Camp, a soon-to-open elephant rescue reserve and luxury glamping site along the Ping river. The rich blue skies, the refreshing winds, and the bobbing up and down in Land Rovers across the property’s extensive trail system gave each of our boarders the rush of being on an African safari here in Thailand. Our day included touring Bush Camp’s high-end, solar-powered “glamping” tents, discussing elephant conservation and care with one of the few elephant vet specialists in Thailand, and taking time to feed three of their ten free-roaming resident elephants. We couldn’t stop smiling all day, with multiple out-of-country boarders saying this was their “best day in Thailand so far!” Prem Boarding cannot thank Robert and his family (wonderfully kind members of our Air House Prem community) enough for giving us this behind-the-scenes tour of elephant conservation and the challenges the tourism industry faces during the current pandemic. We were truly blessed to spend the day with you all and look forward to building a great partnership for future opportunities with all of you at Elephant Hills!


Trisha Pospisil
Head of Water House, Boarding Parent, DP Language & Literature Teacher, G10 Water Homeroom



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