Boarding senior students prepares for Mock exam.

The class of year 2018 Mock exams will begin from 5th February 2018. Mock exams let students practice revision strategies that are proven to be more helpful and discover what works best for them. If students have a particularly bad mock exam, better to have the shock in the mock, than the final exam. It can act as a call to action that perhaps they need to do more work, change revision strategies and develop skills needed to perform under pressure.Mock exams are a great opportunity for students to figure out and practice what works best for them.
Mock exams, if framed right, can be incredibly beneficial for students. Helping them to see that is part of the challenge. Mock exam help students to start revising early, to practice effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarize themselves with pressure, and act as a guide moving forward to final exams.
Mock exams give students a feel for real exams. This may even help in reducing pre-exam jitters as the candidate has already appeared for a version of the exam before so on the final day they will be more relaxed.

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