Boarding Parent A Time of Joy, Sadness and Pride

It has been a pleasure and privilege to be a Boarding Parent to our Fire House Grade 12 students this year…


When living and working closely with boarding students it is always special to see them grow and develop, and this is even more so when they are in their final year. This has been the case with these students. You get to see how they cope with the pressures of the IB and how they help each other to overcome these hurdles. You get to see them working hard late in the night (and sometimes very late!) after many large cups of tea and coffee. You get to see their energy and nervousness the night before their first examination. You get to be the person they ask for help about school, life, what to do after the IB and anything else that is on their minds. You get to witness the fruits of their hard work and the celebrations that follow.


As a Boarding Parent, you are in a unique position. This means it can also be even sadder to say goodbye, particularly as you have spent so much time together, and at the same time, you are immensely proud and excited about their next chapter and life after Prem. It is this sense of pride and excitement that I feel for my Grade 12 students. Proud that they completed their IB, that they managed to overcome the many adversities, and did so with a smile. And excited for them about university next year in Europe, the new adventures that await them, the new people they will meet and the new challenges they will face. I wish them the best of luck!

Sam Carroll

Senior School Assistant Principal of Student Wellbeing

Boarding Parent

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