Boarding News: Focus on Well Being and House spirit

Another fantastic week has gone by here in Boarding!  The boarders were involved in a lot of activities. Firstly, the amazing Prem Talent Show on Tuesday evening which included a lot of food, music, dancing, smiles and fun. Then on Friday morning at the whole school assembly diplomas were given to those students who completed Middle School and had already moved on to Senior School. In addition, Earth House was declared the current winners of the ongoing House competitions, but there are many competitions still to be had before the end of the school year! Congratulations to everyone who has taken part and supported the House competitions. House Spirit in the school is definitely growing with every event!

On Friday evening our boarders enjoyed a delicious barbecue in Cluster 11 to celebrate Thanksgiving and the end of a busy but fun school week.

On Saturday afternoon a trip to Maya shopping mall was organised and to our surprise there was a pet fair and some of our staff and students had a chance to interact with some very special creatures.  Sunday couldn’t have started in a healthier way: an early morning Yoga class followed by a Dance fitness session.

A great week in Boarding!

Ajarn Federica Dito

Air Deputy Head of House


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