Boarding News - A Trip to a Magical Chocolate Factory

It has been another exciting and engaging week in boarding with house spirits still high in the wake of the unforgettable Premathalon and Art competition the week before.  Starting with the first (of many more to come) House dinners, Fire House captains did a great job of organising food orders at The Club for their House on Tuesday and was followed by Earth, Air and Water.  With a NO phones rule it was nice to see conversations being had around the dinner table.

The Junior Programme this week saw the students doing some beautiful craft activities, learning how to make paper butterflies.
Then the weekend arrived and some of our boarders managed to get their  hands on a “Golden Ticket” to see a live production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was a magical and thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.
Another great week in Boarding!
Clare Gordon
Drama Teacher

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