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After over two extensive weeks of online sessions due to the Covid restrictions put into place nationwide for the safety of all students in Thailand, Prem boarders really look forward to going back to school to see their friends and teachers.

This being said, this week again, boarding didn’t rhyme with boredom. Here are some of the many activities that Prem boarders have participated in along the week after prep time. Monday, in between day classes and prep, boarders went to practice their golf swings with Aj. Tim. On Tuesday evening, remote and on-site boarders all joined together to play a digital version of “Famous Foreheads” organized by Head of Air House, Aj. Adam. The winners gained points for their House and an amazingly huge crispy pizza. Wednesday and Thursday, boarders had some time off to enjoy their personal favorite activities. And Friday marked the culmination of the week, where the boarding staff (Aj. Adam, Wendy, Bobby, Sid, Patrick and Fred) literally transformed the amphitheatre in the best outdoors movie theatre you can dream of.

In the weekend, boarding slowly swung back into a fuller capacity with more remote boarders swiftly flowing back in. In spite of the uncertainty brought about by the Covid situation, everyone in boarding is really enthusiastic to go back to face-to-face learning on Monday.


Aj. Fred (Deputy Head of Water House)

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