Medical Care

Medical Care

Prem has a fully equipped Medical Centre, which is staffed from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Our qualified nursing staff live on campus and are on-call 24 hours.

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is staffed by fully-qualified English-speaking nurses who respond to minor injuries and can help secure emergency hospital treatment when necessary.

Medical Insurance

The school has a comprehensive medical insurance package with a global insurance company. All boarding students join and is included in boarding school fees.

Boarding Nurse

Boarding has a team of nurses who reside on campus; this ensures that someone is available 24/7. If a student is sick during the day, then the student can remain in the boarding clinic where the on-duty nurse will monitor them.

Hospital Visits

On occasion our students do need to make a hospital visit. When this occurs, a member of staff will generally accompany the student to their appointment. Parents are notified by the Nursing staff or a Senior member of the boarding staff, usually by email. If the hospital visit is of an urgent nature, parents will be contacted immediately. Any student who is admitted to hospital for an overnight stay is accompanied by a boarding staff member. There are several excellent hospitals in Chiang Mai. We have included their websites and phone numbers for your information.

Bangkok Hospital +66 52 089 888

Lanna Hospital +66 53 999 777

Medical Emergency Response

Major medical emergencies receive an immediate response. Nursing cover is provided throughout the school day, during overnight school trips and at events hosted at the school at weekends.

In the event of a medical emergency, parents will be contacted first. However, at enrollment and throughout the year, parents must identify an additional emergency contact person for each child, and provide their contact information.

Welcome from Nursing

The boarding community here at Prem are fortunate to have their a team of nurses.

If a student is sick in the morning before school nurses will organize for them to stay in their bedroom and they will be monitored throughout the day. Each evening when the students return from Prep, a clinic in available at 8.00 – 9.30pm. Making sure that the students are well and not needing further attention from a doctor.

Nurses also monitors the weight, height and other information which are recorded so that the parent can be kept informed of their childs’ progress. If a student is hospitalized, then our nursing staff will always stay with the child overnight , allowing for the parents to feel confident that their child is being cared for until they arrive in Chiang Mai.

Nursing Team
Prem International School

Medical Care for Boarding Students

Student Medical Insurance

The school has negotiated a comprehensive medical insurance package with Bupa Blue Cross, a global health insurance company. It is compulsory for all boarding students to join this Medical Scheme which costs THB 9,000 per annum and is included in boarding school fees.

Medical Information

Prior to the arrival of your child all relevant medical information, which will assist us in providing the best possible care for your child, must be completed in the Application Form. This information is confidential and stored in the Medical Center.