Boarding Fun and Games!

Tuesday  was a public holiday giving Boarders a break from their daily lessons for the day. To make good use of an opportunity for something different the students were presented with several options for activities on the day. In the morning students chose between “Fun & Games” which was student-led sports and recreational activities of their own choosing. Students who chose this option exercised in the Fitness & Weight Room and played Badminton and Basketball. The other morning option was a golf lesson. The Boarders who chose golf spent some time at the Prem driving range gleefully hitting balls off the tee with their peers. After lunch all Boarders up to Grade 11 (the grade 12s were busy at work on their TOK presentations and CP work) made their way to the beautiful cricket pitch near the school farm to play softball. After warming up and dividing into two teams the Boarders hit balls and ran the bases for nearly three hours on a beautiful October afternoon in the grass.

There was a lot of laughter and good natured competition as students and boarding staff played together with the “Color shirts” defeating  the “White shirts” in the end. Nene & Nadia were selected as team MVPs for their efforts pitching, fielding, and at the plate. After softball the Boarders gathered in the Boarding Lounge and enjoyed KFC together before ending their day with the routine 6:20pm meeting where everyone looked sufficiently tired and satisfied with a full day of enjoying the company of friends, the amenities of our beautiful campus, and possibly most importantly to some– the Colonel’s fried chicken and french fries. Ultimately the holiday was a break from studies (for most) but also an opportunity to continue the work of building and maintaining our spirited and student centered boarding program.


Ajarn Adam Copus

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