Boarding Christmas Dinner and Dance Party

As Term 2 winds down to a close, the Christmas spirit takes over the entire boarding community.
The three clusters engage in a friendly competition of “ who decorated their cluster the best?”
A visit to the three clusters makes one want to lean towards cluster 11 as the winners this time around even though clusters 10 and 12 would have a lot to say about that.

Christmas trees, dancing lights, exchanging gifts and jingles are the basic ingredients for any Christmas event but when you add great food from our cafeteria and an outstanding playlist of danceable songs, now that is a party like no other. The kind of party only Prem Boarding can throw. With our very own Santa Claus who adds extra levels of awesomeness to the whole event, we celebrate togetherness and prepare for the winter holidays in the loveliest of ways.

This year’s party also allowed to say “bye” to our beloved Nurse Aon who is moving from Boarding to the Medical Centre and we all celebrated her in style.
We wish you all a merry – merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 2017 was great, bring on 2018 and we will make it even greater.

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