Boarding Bites Refreshed

The summer holidays saw the Boarding Bites cafe renovated – a wall was constructed between the cafe and the Boarding Lounge, and it now has fresh equipment including a blender and a kettle, for selling hot drinks.
The Boarding Bites team is, of course, all boarders, with a Boarding Parent overseeing the team as a helping hand. However, the boarders have the main responsibility. This year they plan to take a healthier approach to Boarding Bites; they will test out new recipes and substitute chips with healthier alternatives like banana chips.

In the future, they would like to make sandwiches and smoothies, but first, they have to trial their new recipes on some willing taste testers! I’m sure they will find no shortage of willing testers in Boarding.
For now, they will continue to sell some of the food they previously sold while introducing new healthier items at the same time, and transition to selling only healthier items.
A team of seven boarders will be in charge. We look forward very much to their new recipes and their new vision for this year’s Boarding Bites!

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