Boarding Bites - 6 years of existence looking for new sustainable solutions

Interview with Boarding Bites manager Tsendrika Ongdra

When did boarding bites project begin?
Boarding bites was established in 2012 by the graduating class of 2013.

What is the main purpose of boarding bites?
It was initially created to provide boarding students with snacks and beverages as they might not be getting enough food from school. Furthermore, the boarding bites committee would take the profit retained for themselves which allowed them to work more productively. However, throughout the years, boarding bites has become a student lead activity which not only offers food but also provides a friendly and comfortable space for boarding students to hang out. Additionally, the profit obtained from the sales are collected throughout the year and donated to a chosen charity.

Do the students like to go there? Why?
Students go to boarding bites to buy food, relax and spend time with friends after a long day at school. It also provides a working environment for students that want to work outside of their dorms or work in a cafe-like atmosphere.

What kind of changes (space? products? the future?) can we make there?
For over a year, the boarding bites committee has been attempting to develop the overall activity. One of the main issues we are trying to change is the products sold, from junk food to healthier alternatives. This is because consuming unhealthy food can cause a student’s brain, behavior and immunity to worsen. Furthermore, as a sustainable school, it is not environmentally friendly to buy plastic packagings. As one of the main solutions, we are slowly trying to move away from packaged food and instead work on more making and baking homecooked snacks such as brownies, cookies, smores and more.

What was the most successful snack you sold there?
The most successful snack sold in boarding bites this year is the Samyang noodles. This is because not only does it have great flavor and spice but is also a trending product on social media. However, we will be trying to sell healthier and more baked goods instead of Samyang.

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