Boarding assembly

On Monday 16 May Boarding students held their annual whole school assembly. This year it was all about the fun and interactive activities that happen in boarding; from off campus trips to Phuket and the Golden Triangle to scheduled weekend activities. Ut was an action packed assembly.

Three of our many talented musicians were featured, Rasnam, Leczin and Pran on piano, vocals and guitar respectively. They performed ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars to accompany a slideshow of boarding activities, a song about friendship, trust, and community, the values we aim for in boarding. They did a beautiful job – well done girls!

Presenting the assembly were two of the leaders in our the boarding community, Alice (Head of the Boarding Student Council) and Simon (member and advocate for the Boarding Student Council). Both did a sterling job explaining and elaborating on the rigorous activity schedule. 

Some of the activities we provide in boarding are not your regular school activities. For instance, the last term saw the trial of driving lessons for boarding students who were of age. They even did such a good job that one of them has just passed her driving test – good job Joelle! Then we have the annual YoungChef competition, won this year by our talented Sersang, which was broadcast to the whole country; a very proud moment for boarding.

Also mentioned in the assembly were our dedicated Boarding Bites team who work very hard on week nights selling food and drinks in the boarding lounge to raise money for charity. They raised a whopping 60,000 Baht this year! 40,000 went towards providing a source of water for a local school up in the hill tribes villages and 10,000 went to the Chiang Mai Cancer Unit to support children with cancer. 

Boarding Bites schedule their own trips to Makro to buy the items they sell in the boarding lounge, handle all the profit they make from it and decide what to put the money towards. Featured is a photo of the Boarding Bites team holding an envelope with the money in it. You do a great job Boarding Bites. We are proud to have you as such an integral part of our boarding community!

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