It has been a busy second week in boarding. On Tuesday night, the students started to book their Exploria programs. We decided that it would be helpful if we did this as a community, that way students had support from staff, and somehow most of the 68 students were booked in by 9.00 pm. We helped the students along with music and toasted cheese sandwiches!

This weekend sees the start of our boarding activities. Last weekend, we allowed students time to unpack their belongings and make their apartments ‘home’ for the next year (and hopefully longer). It really was a pleasure to see the different ways in which students felt comfortable in their space. We had fairy lights, artificial greenery, posters of Korean pop stars, and too many soft toys to mention!!

This weekend the students have a variety of activities which include:


  • A theatre trip with A. Trisha (A. Claire is one of the Directors of this production)
  • Movie and popcorn with A. Sid and A. Nae


  • A trip to the farm for the younger students with A. Nae
  • Lunch at an Indian restaurant and a visit to Maya with A. Sid
  • Card and Board games in the evening


  • The students can decide between Baking cookies, Golf, or Muay Thai Boxing, finishing with a BBQ and grilling picnic.

It is a busy weekend and hopefully an enjoyable time for both students and staff.  


Linda Buck,

Director of Boarding

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