Boarders Invade Chiang Rai in Prem Style

This week in boarding was all about taking risks and being adventurous. All the Grades 4 to 9 students braved the rains and took a weekend trip to Chiang Rai.
Ajarns Penthai, Sandeep, Nikki, Claudia, Cara and Alex supervised the boarders on this trip and all the pictures tell the same story of endless smiles and enjoyment.
Let the pictures themselves narrate just how outgoing our boarders can be:

Chiang Rai Staff Bonding “All work no play hey …”

Boat ride in Chiang Rai , “ who says boarders don’t take risks ?”

United we stand in Chiang Rai {Prem Boarding for the “Nobel Pose Prize.”}

Chillin and Relaxing in Chiang Rai

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – Prem boarders own that saying.

Strolling around Chiang Rai

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