Boarders: Having Holiday Fun!

It is officially school holidays and the boarders remaining at Prem have been celebrating in style with themed dinners (Indian, Thai, Chinese and more) and a variety of activities. 

It has been hot all week so our beautiful swimming pool has been put to good use with students enjoying free time and staff versus student water polo matches! 

Students have also been cooking regularly in the evenings, learning new skills and enjoying eating their creations. This week cookies were baked and eaten with gusto. Our older boarders have taken up jigsaw puzzles in the evening whilst the pool table remains a favourite pastime for all. 

Other activities on offer this weekend include basketball and badminton and Easter themed arts and crafts. Students can also look forward to some new ideas and fresh faces as the VSP and camps team are offering their expertise over the next week with a range of fun indoor and outdoor games and teamwork activities like archery, low ropes, rock climbing, jenga and circus skills. 





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