Boarders at Hippotherapy

This past Saturday, 23 September, members of the Global Issues Network Exploria, most of whom are boarders, renewed their efforts to help the children from the Dulabhathorn Foundation. The Dulabhathorn Foundation aids disabled children and provides them with learning opportunities. Prem students have been assisting with their hippotherapy sessions, in which the children practice fine motor skills, through various exercises, on horseback.
These sessions take place at Skill Center Chiang Mai, an equestrian training ground whose owner is generous enough to allow the foundation to use his facilities. He is also trained in hippotherapy and manages the sessions. Prem students assist in acting as “side walkers,” making sure that the children are safe while on the horses and encouraging them in their exercises.
We first help the children groom the horses at the stables. We then go to the riding ground and the children take turns on the horses. Afterwards, we feed the horses and share a snack together.
This is the first time we have worked with the children from the Dulabhathorn Foundation this term, though we hope to volunteer with them fortnightly over the year.
For more information about the Dulabhatorn Foundation, please see this link.

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