Blessing Ceremony Sunday, 30th October

“This blessing ceremony, it is universally for all sentient beings.  We may be born into different cultures and religions, we are different, but today we can receive all the positive energy for a healthy life and future successes’—Stated the Chief Abbot Phra Ajarn KomSan, from Wat Chedi Satharn, who came over to Prem on Sunday to bless the boarding students and staffs.

The quite Sunday morning was filled with melodic chants in Sanskrit, conducted by the nine Monks. The chant recites all the Buddhist teachings as a prelude to centre our spirits in preparation for receiving the blessing. The students and staffs sat quietly and respectfully during the ceremony. They acknowledged the local cultural practices and at the end they were rewarded with a small gift from the monks. The gift was a white string formed into a wrist band. It may seem ordinary and simple but to the Buddhists, it is one of the most powerful and symbolic gifts. It is customary to wear this for a few days for auspicious reasons and to ward off all the negative energy.

After the main ceremony in the Boarding Lounge, the Monks proceeded to have lunch at the cafeteria. Many delicious Thai and International food were prepared for the Monks by  Chef Dang and his team. In particular, the Chief Abbot enjoyed the creamed spaghetti. For desserts, I made blueberry cheesecake and chocolate mousse, for both the monks and later the students. After lunch, the Monks gave their final blessing before departing back to ‘Wat Chedi Satharn’. 

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