Bird watching at Traidhos

Traidhos has many international visitors throughout the year but over the next few weeks, the campus will become the wintering place for several international bird visitors. 

As Europe and Russia become cold and food is more difficult to find, wild birds begin an annual migration to warmer places which includes SE Asia and Thailand.

VSP staff member Korn has been working with our farmers to construct a bamboo bird hide att he end of the long driving range. The field and surrounding bamboo attracts a number of birds including red-wattled lapwing, Indian roller and Chinese pond herons making it a good starting place to recognise different species. 

We hope the addition of the bird hide will lead to more bird-related activities on campus as students consider the role of birds as bio-indicators and understand their adaptations more.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the birds on campus, email

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