Billy Cart Bonanza

After much excitement and not a little angst and heartache, construction is finally underway of our billy carts. Grade 4 students are making billy carts as part of their inquiry into forces.

As part of this Unit of Inquiry, children conducted experiments into how forces can change the speed, direction and shape of objects. In particular we have inquired into Newton's second law of motion: force = mass multiplied by acceleration.

We have tested the speed and distance toy cars travelled by rolling them down an incline. We changed several variables throughout the course of the experiments. We increased the mass by adding weight to the cars. We increased the acceleration by increasing the incline. We also observed changes caused by differing friction caused by the surface the car travelled on.

The knowledge and skills learnt from these inquiries with toy cars are now being applied in the design and production of our very own team billy carts.

Thanks to all of the Mums and Dads for all of your help and support. A special thank you goes to Ajarn Mark Bosworth for his help in the Design Technology Lab.

Watch this space to see our finished products over the next week!

Paddy and Gill
Grade 4 Teachers

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