Big Write in Grade 4

Each week from Gr 1 – 5 students participate in 'Big Write' During this time the focus is to build their skills in sustaining their writing, students are required to write in silence and write as much as they can in a set time.

In Gr 4 this week students per provided with a picture prompt and encouraged to write a narrative piece making sure to include their VCOP strategies.

Have a look at the great writing this week by Nicolai, can you see examples of the excellent vocabulary he has used?

Jagged mountains jutted up from the trees of the forest as if daggers pierced the sunrise. The cool, fresh morning air added to the beauty of the lake, glistening under the pure blue, cloudless sky. Water drops fell from the leaves of the trees from the settled dew and were whisked away by an early morning breeze.

The smell of freshly cracked pine needles filled the air. Rabbits scurried around, at the first sign of light. Wolves prowled in the snowy crops of the forest. Birds chirped their songs calling in the first rays of the dawn. A view of the new day could now be seen over the canyon. It was a stunning day.

Larry had to move on, though. The chimpanzee had to find another jungle because his home had been burned down during a wildfire. Larry couldn't find much food here. He knew there had to be another, in the distance. He could see trees. He thought he should go there, but when he arrived, it turned out to be another savannah.

Larry rested under the ragged shade when the sun was fully up. He took a nap. He decided it was wiser to rest here until night, to continue his journey, once more.

Keep up the great effort! I can't wait to see more examples of fantastic writing next term.


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