Big Write in Grade 4

Each week students participate in ‘Big Write’. Part of the ‘Big Write’ session is spent focussing on developing our VCOP strategies (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation)

This week in Gr 4 the students were presented with some ‘sick sentences’ that needed help to be improved, we call this process up leveling our writing.

Here is one example of some of the great writing that we saw…

Sick sentence: The girls walked along the road. Macy put up her hand. Something happened. It was amazing.

Macy, tightly gripping Judith’s hand, cautiously peered around a sharp bend in the road, seeing if there were any passersby. Great! Coast clear!

“Alright Judith: you swore you wouldn’t tell anyone, so today is the day you’re going to see the magic I can manage.”

Macy reached towards the lamp, but nowhere near as to scrape her fingertips anywhere close to the edge. She squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated on the street lamp. Lightning illuminated the street, casting shadows everywhere, making Judith scream.Twisting its spiny body towards them, like a snake swimming, the street lamp bobbed its head as if to say, ‘Hello. It’s nice to meet you’.

Judith stood there gawping at it, as if she had seen a ghost. Face pale white, Judith thought this was beyond amazing and unbelievable.

Well done Lena on your great writing!

A key element of the writing process is mapping out or planning what you will write about, have a look at the great example from Karen below…

These are just two examples of some of the great writing in Grade 4 today showing us the writing process. Gr 4 parents keep checking in on your child’s digital portfolio and look forward to seeing the final product of these ideas soon.

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