Bicycles, bicycles and more bicycles

Dear Prem School Community Members,

Well, we are finally facing the reality that in just one week’s time we will have finished the AY 2016 school year. However, before we sign autographs and say our fond farewells before travelling off to start our holidays, there are a few things that we have to remember to do.

One of them is that if you are leaving Prem, do remember to take your bicycle with you.

If you have a bicycle on campus for use during the academic year, take it home with you if you want to use it during the summer. Otherwise, please make sure that it is left in an appropriate place; a bicycle rack or bicycle stand.

If your bicycle has seen better days, such as this example, and you no longer wish to use it, then please remove it from the campus. If it is still on campus in July, we reserve the right to recycle it!

Thank you for your cooperation

Best wishes,

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